8 Tips For a Happier Day!

Choose Happiness Whenever Possible!

1.  Laugh (laugh at anything/everything)

2. Stay Positive (don't let anyone/anythinguide steal your joy)

3. Listen to Music (sing & dance)

4. Do Something Fun (do that thing that makes you feel good)

5. Be Grateful  (there is always something to be Grateful for)

6. Reach out to friends & family (a simply text will do, just to say hi/how are you doing)

7. Exercise (it doesn't have to be strenuous, do yoga or go for a walk)

8. Meditate  (live in the present moment)

Find happiness in your day and spread it.  It's contagious 😆.

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  • Ana Castillo on

    What makes me truly happy is listening & dancing to songs I grew up with that give me a satisfaction of joy.

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