Eternal Reflections Crate April 2017 Theme - Chakra & Life Energy

Chakra & Life Energy

Eternal Reflections Crate Chakra & Life Energy

There are seven chakras create a vortex in our bodies that create a magnet that attracts similar vibrations and frequencies.  The seven chakras are connected to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual frequencies and to specific color vibration.  These connections assist us in maintaining balance in our lives.  You can benefit from learning more about each chakra and how to cleanse and balance each one.

Life Energy is finding that vibration and frequency that allows you to manifest who you are and the environment that you live in.  The chakras are of way to balance specific energy vortexes in your body and your life energy is what allows you to maintain them once they are in balance.

The April Crate will incorporate items that can help you understand these frequencies and vibrations.  The items in the crate will also provide inspiration to consistently work at the balance you need to produce positive energy in your everyday life.

Expand your knowledge on each crate by connecting with us.
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