Eternal Reflections Crate May 2017 Theme - Tree of Life & Synchronicity

Eternal Reflections Crate May Theme-Tree of Life & Synchronicity





The Tree of Life symbolizes all forms of life and their connection to each other and the cosmos.  Synchronicity is when the hidden messages of multiple coincidences connect and is applied to life.


The Tree of life has a place in most religions.  It incorporates human existence with cosmic energy.  It can be defined as simple as a humans intrinsic need to plant roots and stand strong, too more complex meanings as wisdom, protection, bounty, and redemption.  The more you look into its meaning the more you want to know.

Synchronicity is a term that can explain how you view and perceive your reality.  It allows you to open your mind to the fact that your life is the way it is right now because of the choices you made.  In one moment seemingly unrelated instances could happen to you that don't seem like they connect and yet when you respond to them and decide how to handle those instances, it puts forces in play that could have an affect on your life in the future.  It's not only about connecting the dots but responding to those dots to become aware of your connection to the universe and abundance in your life.

The May Crate will incorporate items that will motivate you to become more aware of your connection to the universe and to humanity.  The items will also remind you to create the life you want to live and attract abundance.


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