Eternal Reflections Crate February 2017 Theme - Hamsa & Happiness

Hamsa & Happiness


Happiness is a choice.  When we hear this, some of us question that statement but what if it were true.  It would literally mean that you are holding yourself back from those happy moments in life.  That’s why we dedicated this box to happiness; how to become aware of it, how to protect ourselves from negativity, and if you are unhappy, how to find joy in the small moments.  The box includes items that will inspire you, and remind you to choose to be happy as much as you possibly can.


Hamsa, is a talisman that has been represented in many different cultures however the meaning in all cultures are very similar.  We want to open the discussion regarding what it means to you or what it could mean to you.  For us, it protects us from the negativity that tries to invade our personal space every second of the day.  It reminds us to pause, to take a breath (because you are universally protected from negativity), and to find that moment of joy in the chaos of the mundane and ordinary.

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