Why should I go to a visionboard workshop?

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You are probably asking yourself why should I pay for a class on Visionboards when I can just google it, well here is the answer: whose has the time to do the research, right? Let's say you start down the road of research and you start googling how to create a visionboard and somehow 2 hours later you find yourself reading about a lion sanctuary in Thailand. We have all been there and if your anything like me you probably have IADD (internet attention deficit disorder). IADD makes it extremely hard to stay focused and on task which is why investing in a workshop or a seminar is so important. Let someone else do the heavy lifting and you come, create, and connect with others who are looking into how to move their lives forward.

Look guys, investing in yourself is the most important aspect of moving forward and getting what you want out of life, whether you take our visionboard workshop, use google, or online learning. The great thing is you have options, so go get it.

Of course we gotta put a plug in here, we offer really great visionboard workshops that show you how to make them and how to use them. Come on, you can spend $25.00 on this one learning experience that could provide you years of accomplishments and goal smashing.

Just imagine it. I know you can see it. You becoming the person you have always wanted to be. You just have to take the first step.

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