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Be Happy!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always be happy. Do you find yourself saying “she can’t possibly be that happy all the time”. Guess what, You can be happy all the time too. It’s true! All you have to do is Understand and Believe these idea’s: 1. Happiness is a choice. 2. You can find humor in every situation.3. You cannot allow anyone to steal your joy. The most important idea to be happy is to know what makes you happy and remove or change anything else that doesn’t. Ultimately you’re in control of your own life....

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Eternal Reflections Crate Subscription Box Video

Watch the Eternal Reflections Crate Promotional video.

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Eternal Reflections Crate January 2017 Subscription Box

The January box is carefully crafted as a way to begin a new journey.  The new year brings new beginnings.  No matter where you are in life at this moment, this box will remind you where you started and how far you have come.  We have chosen Meditation, OM, Namaste on purpose to ensure that we all remember to meditate everyday.  Whether you do it for 5 minutes or for 60, this daily exercise is a necessary part of connecting with yourself.   Even though the holidays are behind you, most of us carry that stress into the New Year...

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