Vision Board Workshop 2020 - More Information

You have claimed your resolutions for the new year.  Now you just have find a way to stick with them, right?

If you are like most of us, by mid-January, you have already stopped working towards those resolutions.

Well guess what?  A vision board can help you stay motivated and accomplish those resolutions.

Come learn just how powerful a Vision Board can be in attracting what you want in your life. Create a board with us that is focused and motivating. Connect with like-minded people who can are looking for the best in themselves as well.

What this workshop will do for you is give you a better understanding of what a Vision Board can be and how, when used properly, it can be a powerful tool in attracting what you want in your life.

Whether you are looking to start a business, travel, get a new job, be healthy, or simply be more positive; a Vision Board should be your first step in attracting what you want. It is motivation and inspiration but more importantly it is a visualization of your goals.

We are offering two ticket types:

General Admission: Come get some tips to make your vision board work, Create a focused vision board & Connect with like-minded people to achieve our goals together.

  • What is a Vision Board
  • How to use a Vision Board

You will need to bring your own materials (or purchase items separately).

Workshop Admission: Come hear the presentation (see topics above) and you will have access to all materials necessary to create a 8x11 Vision Board. You will also receive a small starter kit for your next Vision Board